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For your convenience, we have provided information below on our duct cleaning process and the equipment we  use. Please call us if you have any questions or would like an air duct cleaning  price quote.


We use a high powered, portable, HEPA (high efficiency particulate arrestance) filtered air duct cleaning system with a truck mounted air compressor. Our method also involves the use of the Viper Whip Cleaning System.  We also include the disinfection of the entire system using EnviroCON. 

We attach our duct cleaning machine to the system creating continuous negative pressure to prevent the spread of contaminants. One inch holes are drilled into the trunk lines of your system to allow our technician to install the Viper Whip Cleaning System. We use this system to loosen contaminants from the surfaces within the heating and air-conditioning system. Vent covers are removed where possible, throughout the home. Return openings are all covered to prevent blow-back of dust.  We then blow 200 psi of clean air into each supply vent, working all debris toward our vacuum. Once all of the supply & return air ducts have been cleaned and the access holes are plugged, we will disinfect the entire system with EnviroCON. All removed vent covers are cleaned and replaced.

Viper Whip Cleaning Method

The most advance air cleaning system available
Unique skipper ball/whip combination
Works in round or square air ducts
Ability to clean in one pass
Cleans 100ft of duct through a 1" access hole
Cleans vertical and horizontal ducts at the same time

EnviroCON Disinfectant

A highly effective product in eliminating odor causing microorganisms
Effective in eliminating mold, mildew and bacterial growth
Eliminates odors at their source, by destroying organisms at the origin
NOT a sealant and uses NO perfumes or masking agents
Does NOT use any environmentally damaging propellants or flammable ingredients

Our Duct Cleaning Process Includes the Following

Installation of access holes
Cleaning of ALL air ducts; Main, Supply & Return runs
Cleaning of piping & duct work connecting main ducts to vents
Cleaning of fresh air intake line
Cleaning of combustion air intake line
Disinfection of entire air duct system
Cleaning & Remounting of vent covers
Re-sealing of all access holes
Disposal of waste


Do you clean the furnace too? 
Furnace cleaning is not included in our duct cleaning service but it is an option.  When you make a duct cleaning appointment, also request the furnace cleaning and we will add that service for a discounted rate. 

Which is better, truck mounted or portable vacuums? 
There is a wide variety of equipment available to air duct cleaning professionals.  Both truck-mounted and portable vacuums can be used to stop the spread of contaminants and clean your system according to industry standards.

How long will it take to clean my air ducts?  An air duct cleaning can take from two to four hours to complete.  Some factors that can help determine how long it will take are the size of your home (amount of vents) and the condition of your air ducts (how dirty they are). 

When is the best time of year to have my air ducts cleaned?  Midwest Air Control can perform air duct cleanings any time of the year.  It is important to know that when you have your air ducts cleaned, your furnace or air conditioner will be turned off during the entire duct cleaning process.  This can be inconvenient during the extreme temperatures of Summer and Winter for some people with respiratory problems.  If you are able to plan ahead for your air duct cleaning, it is advisable to schedule it during the Spring and Fall months.